Antergos Staging Repo

What is it?

The  antergos-staging repo is where packages are stored after being built by the Antergos Build Server. After packages have been reviewed and given a passed status by a member of the development team, they (the packages) are moved into the main  antergos repo.  Occasionally, the developers will build packages for testing purposes that won't be moved into the main repo.

Should I add this repo to my pacman.conf?

We don't recommend adding the repo permanently. However, from time to time we may publish an announcement requesting testers for a package that is in the staging repo. In those cases, it is okay to add the repo--just don't forget to remove it after you are done testing.

How do I use the staging repo?

Simply add the following to  /etc/pacman.conf so that it appears before the main  antergos  repo in the file:
  • [antergos-staging]
    SigLevel = PackageRequired
    Server =$repo/$arch/


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