Installing Antergos


Get Antergos:


Or if you got a very new Nvidia Graphic Card try the nvidia Iso 


proudly presented on !

You can see the sources here on my github

This ISO will install the same way as the official Antergos Installer, but with the option to startup on nvidia driver.


Create USB boot media:

use dd to get the iso without a huzzle:
sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/antergos-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdX status=progress && sync

onto a usb stick. (sdx have to replaced by the device name  of your usb-stick, you can find out by the command fdisk -l) For more information read the wiki entry: create-a-working-live-usb

On Windows try etcher it is insan easy to use:

etcher flash tool -image-

Bios or UEFI?

The ISO-Installer offers automatic boot options for both systems legacy Bios and up-to-date EFI/UEFI.

If you want to create a dual boot system together with a preinstalled windows OS read here first:


On a Bios system:

you can just fire your machine up and press [F12] to get the boot device menu, where you can choose the USB stick as boot device.

Now you will get the boot menu screen and you can choose your language by pressing [F2], choose the one you want and press [enter].

From the boot menu choose Start Antergos Live simple pressing enter and the Live Iso Installer will boot to the Live Environment:



As most EFI UEFI systems are very different in what you can change and how you setup anything it is hard to give the "ONE" trick here, but mainly what you need is to disable secure boot, because this is what make it possible to boot up the USB Installer and get into the installing Environment. 



Get help: 

Antergos Help Forum open minded newbie friendly community is waiting for your question!

For some better way to ask your question read this first:
Get Help On IRC


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