Install from Newest Nvidia Card

Install from Newest Nvidia Card

!!No longer necessary!!

Unfortunately some latest NVIDIA cards are may still not supported by the opensource drivers yet as the developers don’t have access to the data they need to implement support. However, there appears to be a workaround for now.

But there are some updates for:

NV130 family (Pascal)

Code nameOfficial Name
NV132 (GP102)NVIDIA Titan (X, Xp), GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
NV134 (GP104)GeForce GTX (1070, 1080)
NV136 (GP106)GeForce GTX 1060
NV137 (GP107)GeForce GTX (1050, 1050 Ti)
NV138 (GP108)GeForce GT 1030

This cards seems to work now under nouveau and should start the ISO with beauty!

Read here for a list of nouveau supported cards:

If your card is still not supported try the following workarounds to get Antergos installed

Use the Minimal Iso:

(NOTE: the mouse cursor will be invisible, so have fun getting through the install process. However, this is probably the hardest part).

Handle the drivers and swap nouveau for nvidia drivers:

with this command: on bootup to start without X.

install nvidia-drivers    

login as root and:  pacman -S nvidia-installer then let the installer work  nvidia-installer

Reboot and you're good to go!

If You Don't Want to Use the Workaround...  

Use the nvidia enabled installer ISO:

There is now a specialized Antergos .iso just for Nvidia cards!!!

You can get the latest Nvidia Antergos Iso also over my webside now:

Notes from joekamprad (the user who is providing this ISO)

You will be able to do a fully graphical installation, but will need to install the nvidia drivers manual from TTY2 after reboot.

Like provided before under install nvidia-drivers !"

If you are stuck with problems or want to contribute here is the thread on the forum: Antergos-Forum


Hope this helped and good luck!


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