Install from Newest Nvidia Card

Install from Newest Nvidia Card

Unfortunately the latest NVIDIA cards are not supported by the opensource drivers yet as the developers don’t have access to the data they need to implement support. However, there appears to be a workaround for now.

  1. Use the Minimal Iso (NOTE: the mouse cursor will be invisible, so have fun getting through the install process. However, this is probably the hardest part).
  2. Handle the drivers and swap nouveau for nvidia drivers with this command:

      3. install nvidia-drivers       pacman -S nvidia-installer nvidia-installer

      4. Reboot and you're good to go!

If You Don't Want to Use the Workaround...

There is now a specialized Antergos .iso just for Nvidia cards!!!

Download Antergos Nvidia Iso at sourceforge:

[![Download Antergos Nvidia ISO](](


Notes from joekamprad (the user who is providing this ISO)

"choose nvidia on bootscreen, and you will boot with proprietary nvidia drivers.

You will be able to do a fully graphical installation, but will need to install the nvidia drivers manual from TTY2 after reboot.!"

If you are stick to problems or want to contribute here is the treat on the forum: Antergos-Forum

To get the latest version and more Info on this take a look to my Webside:

Hope this helped and good luck!


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