Installing Display Managers


Display Managers are provided for a login screen, which protects your desktop from unauthorized users.  Display Managers all provide their own styles, and different types of skin support. Their system resource requirements vary.

Note:  This installation guide is assuming you are already using the default Lightdm Display Manager.

Remove LightDM

Before installing a different Display Manager, you must first remove LightDm with the following command.

sudo pacman -Rcns lightdm
Now that Lightdm is removed, do not logout or restart till you installed your desired manager.

Display Manager Options

SDDM (Recommended for KDE):

sudo pacman -S sddm-kcm
sudo systemctl -f enable sddm

GDM (Recommended for GNOME):

sudo pacman -S gdm
sudo systemctl -f enable gdm


Reboot Your System

After installing and enabling a display manager, reboot your login system. You should now see the newly installed display manager's login screen. If you have any trouble or want to know how to install a display manager that isn't listed on this page, post a new question on the Antergos Forum.

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