After a month since our last release under the name “Cinnarch”, we’re glad to announce the new name of our project and our first release being out of beta. We’re stable enough to make this step.

We’ve choosed “Antergos”, a galician word to link the past with the present.

Moving forward, all our services are now working with the new name. You’ll have your Cinnarch forum user in our Antergos forum.

We’re very excited with this new release, we have some things to show you.


Starting with our graphical installer:

Cnchi has now the ability to install your favorite desktop. Right now you can choose between a Gnome, Cinnamon, Xfce or Razor-qt installation, being Gnome the default choice.


Every desktop comes with the best software to fit its spirit and you will have differents Desktop Managers with each desktop environment. Being GDM with Gnome or LXDE to be more lightweight with Cinnamon or Xfce.

You may wonder why Razor-qt and not KDE. Well, this one was just like an experiment with QT desktops, actually, selecting Razor-qt will install also KDE because we still have to figure it out some QT packages to use. The most difficult choice is with the network manager UI. This is because KDE’s networkmanager needs kdebase-workspace, so for this first release, Razor-qt is working with KWin instead of Openbox (the recommended choice) and KDM is the Desktop Manager

Also, translations were included in Cnchi, but we need translators to work with the new strings.

Several things were fixed in Cnchi:

  • Fixed: Having home in a different drive wasn’t being correctly handled while generating the fstab file
  • Fixed: While having several devices, grub was attempting to be installed in the last device and not in the user selected drive
  • Fixed: Texts were changed to “Justify FILL” and some strings were changed to work correctly with translations
  • Implemented: Automatic login. This feature will configure the several DMs that we have to allow you to log in directly to your account.
  • Fixed: Cnchi wasn’t using user’s keymap selection in the installation. Now it is fixed.
  • Fixed: Username input fixed when writing long usernames
  • New art and slides
  • Other minor bugfixes

The Antergos ISO was prepared to be password-less. You won’t be asked for a password when mounting partitions in Nautilus and like it used to be, also using sudo.

In our services, our current mirrors will be available in Antergos, so don’t you worry if you see that your german/french/chinese… mirror is pointing to a server with the word cinnarch in the URL.

Everyone using Cinnarch must switch to the new Antergos configuration.


Switch from Cinnarch to Antergos

This is very simple to do.

Install the packages “antergos-mirrorlist” and “antergos-keyring” like this:

sudo pacman -U

sudo pacman -U

Then, open your /etc/pacman.conf with your favorite text editor. Remove Cinnarch’s repos and write this new one on the bottom of the file:


SigLevel = PackageRequired

Include = /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist

You can now remove some packages with:

sudo pacman -Rnsc cinnarch-mirrorlist hotot-data-git hotot-gtk3-git cinnarch-wallpapers cinnarch-keyring

And install the new ones:

sudo pacman -Sy hotot-gtk3 antergos-wallpapers

If you want the complete transition, open /etc/os-release and change the content to this:



Thanks and see you soon

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